About Mother Lode

"Mother Lode ~ Eclectic Rock"

Mother Lode was formed in Colorado in 2003. Mark Simpson on Bass & Vocals is the only remaining band member of the original lineup ... as the band has been evolving on and off stages across the front range ever since. Always a performance powerhouse, Mother Lode is known for its signature blend of awesome harmonies and subtle textures over driving rhythms.
Defining the Mother Lode sound is a challenge. “Acoustic Rock” might be a good place to start, but the stigma often attached to that label is far from the Mother Lode experience, which is closer to the “ROCK” side of that scenario. And although they do play a wide variety of “Classic Rock” songs, their choice of classics strays far from the everyday me-too standards: Calls for Van Morrison will yield an evocative “Into the Mystic” rather than the overplayed “Brown Eyed Girl.” Folks wanting to dance to the Beatles will hear a spirited “Eight Days a Week” or “Help” over the less challenging “Twist and Shout.” Even still, the band’s repertoire embraces more recent acts like Stone Temple Pilots, John Mayer, Collective Soul and Matchbox 20, which (thankfully) takes them out of the “Stone Age Classic Rock Dustbin” and infuses the trio with a fresh take on what people have come to know and expect from an ever-evolving band like Mother Lode.

Perhaps the band’s ever-growing fan base holds the key to their appeal. Mother Lode enthusiasts have some interesting things to say:

“I’ve NEVER heard a 3-piece acoustic rock band deliver songs like “Closer to the Heart” by Rush, “Message in a Bottle” by the Police, “Ramble On” by Led Zeppelin with so much enthusiasm and dynamics. You guys have such a big sound for three guys. That was so cool!”

“The energy you guys create is awesome!”

“You guys make me feel good from the inside out!”

“I LOVE your variety.”

“You play stuff that nobody else does.”

And perhaps the exceptional SOUND isn’t so much what defines the band; rather the ENERGY and attitude is what makes them unique. Mother Lode is very discerning about their music: They never play anything they don’t want to. As a result, they’re happy and charged to perform every song, and that happiness is evident on their faces, in their bodies, and in their instruments. They don’t like to get too comfortable, so they are always striving to learn new material that interests and challenges them, pushing them forward, up and out of the box. And they love to be unpredictable. Come see a show, listen to the song choices, interact with the band, and see why Mother Lode is becoming one of Colorado’s best and most surprising bands.

Mark Simpson: Bass/Guitar/Vocals ~ 2003 to Present

Best wishes to my partner in crime, Christopher Child.
It was a pleasure making music with you and an awesome 6-year run! 
You will be missed!